These 10 signs of diabetes

These 10 signs of diabetes

These 10 signs of diabetes are visible, take immediate action.

Diabetes level: Diabetes is a disease that is growing very rapidly. Sometimes, some people are diagnosed with this disease, when it causes damage to certain parts of the body (eyes, kidney, heart). It is very important to know about this disease at a time. Diabetes have a very bad effect on the kidney. Poor kidney disease can be fatal. Today, we will tell you the symptoms of diabetes, if you are also seeing your body like this, then you must definitely get a sugar test. If you focus on this problem in the beginning, you can avoid other health problems.

1. Go to Bathroom again and again. 
When the blood sugar level increases in the body, urination begins to occur again and again. The sugar gathered in the body starts coming out of the body through urine.

2. Feeling tired. 
If you stay lazy all day and you feel tired directly to doing a little, or even after sleeping all night, you feel that if sleep is not done, then definitely get your sugar test done.

3. Itching of scabies. 
Whenever a person gets scarred by rubbing on any part of the body and can not be cured quickly, your sugar level may increase. If there is such a problem, you may need treatment right away.

4. Vulnerable eyesight. 
Diabetes have a very bad effect on the eyes. This may reduce your viewing. Due to sugar, damage to the eyes of the eyes is damaged. The sight that end due to sugar are not good again.

5. Filling the wound early. 
If the wound is not properly cured or if it is cut short by cutting a vegetable, it may also be the symptom of sugar.

6. Frequent appetite. 
If the sugar levels rise in the body, you start feeling hungry again, if you are eating more than before, and still you are not full with stomach, you can become sugar syrup.

7. Weight Loss. 
Weight gain should increase with the increase in appetite, but if sugars levels rise, people eat too much and the weight is also low.

8. Skin Problem. 
Skin problems arise when sugar levels rise. Foams and blackheads grow very fast.

9. Gum bleeding. 
Due to the absence of blood from the gums or bloating in the gums while cleaning teeth, there can also be diabetes. If you are seeing this symptom constantly, then, you should do a sugar check.

10. Frequent mouth drying. 
Due to diabetes, it feels very thirsty. Often the mouth starts to dry or there are lack of moisture in the mouth.