To control diabetes today

To control diabetes today

To control diabetes today, start these 7 home remedies.

Obesity and diabetes are the two biggest health problems of today's time. Incredible lifestyle, bad eating habits are the main reasons, but we can avoid these problem by improving lifestyle and eating habits.

The level of blood sugar in diabetes increases very much, causing the body's insulin production capacity to be affected. Many times it happens that the body can not actively use insulin.

The most important thing to control diabetes is that you pay special attention to your diet and avoid them. Apart from this, there are several such home remedies from which you can control diabetes and lead a normal life.

1. Control diabetes by using basil leaves.
Anti-oxidants are found in basil leaves. Apart from this, there are many such ingredients that make pancreatic beta cells active to insulin. These cells increase the inflammation of insulin. In the morning, chew the leaves of two to three basil empty stomach. If you wish, you can also drink basil juice. This reduces blood sugar levels.

2. Taking cinnamon powder is also very beneficial.
Cinnamon is a major spice used in Indian cuisine. The use of cinnamon increases the sensitivity of insulin. It is helpful in reducing and controlling the level of sugar in the blood. Regular consumption of obesity can also be reduced. Grate the cinnamon into a fine powder and take it with lukewarm water. Pay special attention to the quantity. Taking this powder in very high quantities can be dangerous.

3. Green tea drink is also beneficial.
High levels of poly phenol are found in green tea. This is an active anti-oxidant. Which is helpful in controlling blood sugar. Drinking daily tea in the morning and evening will benefit from drinking.

4. The juice of Sahajan leaves is also beneficial.
Sahajan's juice of juice is also very effective in controlling diabetes. Grind the drumstick leaves and squeeze it and eat it in empty stomach in the morning. This will not increase the sugar level.

5. Seeds of Jamun seeds.
Jamun seeds are also beneficial in controlling diabetes. Dry the seeds of Jamun well. After drying, grind them and make a powder. Take the empty stomach jamun seeds with lukewarm water in the morning. This will help in controlling diabetes.